2019 Toyota 86 Roadtest Review (GT, TRD)

2019 Toyota 86 Roadtest Review (GT, TRD)

The name may have changed but the car is still terrific. When the Scion FRS originally appeared in 2013, it was a sporty machine with good looks and very capable handling. If there is one word that comes to mind to describe the car it was light: Lightweight. Light touch on the controls. Light on power. […]

Lexus LS500 2018

2018 Lexus LS500 Roadtest Review (RWD, AWD, 500h, F Sport)

Three tasty flavors – no waiting! When the first of the Lexus LS400 vehicles burst upon the scene in 1990, it heralded a major shift in the automotive landscape for American consumers. Toyota, thought previously as simply a maker of low-cost economy vehicles was breaking into very different territory. Soon to follow was Honda with […]

Lexus LC500

2018 Lexus LC500 Roadtest Review (500, 500h)

Resetting the bar for high-performance luxury coupes today Lexus is well known for cars that deliver supreme luxury and exciting performance – often more of the former than the latter. The exotic and rare Lexus LFA that first arrived back in 2005 is a legendary supercar with breathtaking performance and a stratospheric price tag of […]