Elio Autocycle Creater Paul Elio Interview

Paul Elio, creater of the three wheeled Elio autocycle calls in for an interview with Rick Titus and then co-host Tracy Miller. Will the Elio turn out to be another scam? The bread of this interview sandwich is the latest in automotive news and discussion.

F1 Force India Scandal

Jay talks about the 1.4 billion dollar scandal surrounding F1 Force India’s Vijay Mallya.

Great Elio Motors Autocyle Interview

Elio Motors’s VP of Sales Jerome Vasallo calls in to give an interview on the latest info about the production of the Elio. Before that, Rick and Jay bring you the latest in the automotive industry!

Interesting 2014 Elio Motors Development SEMA Interview

Elio Motors Jerome Vasallo and Elizabeth Drake from Infinite Skyz sit down during SEMA and talk about the upcoming Elio Autocycle. These interviews are sandwiched by the latest in automotive news.  One of our interviews/discussions about the Elio: what could have been.

Elio Motors 3-Wheeled Autocycle CEO Paul Elio Interview

Paul Elio is on the show with Elio Motors Sales Director to discuss his 84 MPG $6800 Elio Motors Autocycle with Rick Titus live from the Quad Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Three interview segments featuring the director of sales and CEO of Elio Motors discussing their innovative auto-cycle! 47 Minutes of 3 wheeled enclosed motorcycle goodness.

Danny “The Count” Koker and Kevin Mack Interview

Danny “The Count” Koker and Kevin Mack from the History Channel’s hit show “Counting Cars” are in the Drivers Talk Radio studio in Las Vegas, Nevada to talk cars with Rick Titus and Jay Dalton. They discuss the Las Vegas Car Culture, Reality TV, Pawn Stars, Rick Dale & American Restoration and give intimate insights into their business and the future of Counting Cars.

2019 Subaru Forester 2.5i Roadtest Review (Premium, Sport, Limited, Touring)

2019 Subaru Forester 2.5i Roadtest Review (Premium, Sport, Limited, Touring)

So good its only real competition may just be another Subaru. By Cam Benty If you’re familiar with Subaru products you know them as smart, family cars that have an amazing following by anyone who had owned one. For those who have test driven them over the years, they know Subarus to be a jewel […]