Awesome Tanner Foust (Racer Drifter) Interview

Tanner Foust joins us in the DriversTalk studio to talk about his career in racing, from Rally to drifting as well as working as a stunt driver on movies likes Dukes Of Hazard. Tanner tells us how he got into racing and the evolution of his racing career from racing rally cars to drifting to appearing in movies and shows like Top Gear. Awesome interview with the DriversTalk guys.

Velocity’s Bitchin Rides Star Dave Kindig Interview

Dave Kindig, Star of Velocity’s Bitchin’ Rides and owner of Kindig It Designs calls into the Drivers Talk Team for an interview. As always, the first half of the show features the latest in automotive news.

Autocyle Founder Paul Elio of Elio Motors Interview

Paul Elio, builder of the three wheeled Elio calls in to talk about the challenges of becoming an autocycle manufacturer. The open and close of the show feature Rick and Spencer talking about the latest in automotive news.