F1 Force India Scandal

Jay talks about the 1.4 billion dollar scandal surrounding F1 Force India’s Vijay Mallya.

Awesome 2019 Kia Stinger (GT, Premium) Road Test Review

The new 2019 Kia Stinger gets a rave review by roadtest editor BJ Killeen coming from Shelby American in Las Vegas, NV. What kind of impact will it have on Kia’s line-up? Before that the team covers the latest in automotive news!

2019 Toyota 86 Roadtest Review (GT, TRD)

2019 Toyota 86 Roadtest Review (GT, TRD)

The name may have changed but the car is still terrific. When the Scion FRS originally appeared in 2013, it was a sporty machine with good looks and very capable handling. If there is one word that comes to mind to describe the car it was light: Lightweight. Light touch on the controls. Light on power. […]