Wheel of Shame Top Crashes and Wrecks of the Week

A look at this weeks top 8 Crashes from around the world! A TESLA burns to a crisp, infamous Russian dash cam action, a sideways semi, midnight street racing in the UK, plus many more highway smash ups that surely won’t disappoint!

Exclusive Trip to Jay Leno’s Garage Part 1

Exclusive interview with Jay Leno at his infamous garage. Jay spills the beans on what attracts him to certain cars like a Davis Divan to a Wills St. Claire and other eclectic gems.

BAT Leno’s TR6 Bid and a sweet 1971 Ford Bronco (HTGOSG#5)

See if Jay Leno won the bid results on the supercharged TR6 on Bring A Trailer. Slick Rick and Jay Dalton take a crack at a very nicely restored 1971 Ford Bronco. Vintage Bronocs are going for big bucks today! See how the duo does on this one.