LA Auto Show 2019 with Derek D, Part 1

Derek DeAngelis is back and in LA! Check out Derek D, former host of FAST LANE DAILY aka FLD, as he covers the 2019 LA Auto Show! Derek checks out the new Corvette, Porsche Taycan, Audi RS 6 Avant and RS Q8, Bollinger EV Truck and much more in Part 1 of his exclusive coverage for Drivers Talk.

LA Auto Show 2019 with Derek D, Part 2

Part 2 of Derek DeAngelis’ coverage of the 2019 LA Auto Show. Derek D pulls no punches as he lets you know what is cool at the show. Jaguar SVR, Toyota Supra, BMW M2 CS, Mini Copper GP, and Ford Mustang Mach E are just a few of the new 2020 offerings that Derek D covers.

Awesome Tanner Foust (Racer Drifter) Interview

Tanner Foust joins us in the DriversTalk studio to talk about his career in racing, from Rally to drifting as well as working as a stunt driver on movies likes Dukes Of Hazard. Tanner tells us how he got into racing and the evolution of his racing career from racing rally cars to drifting to appearing in movies and shows like Top Gear. Awesome interview with the DriversTalk guys.

Big Bear Jeep Off Roading with Don Alexander Part 1

Part 1 of 2 of our Jeep 4×4 excursion. Don Alexander of “” conquers the Big Bear Black Diamond trails with Molly Saleen and Jay Dalton in an off-roading adventure. Place your bets on who gets stuck!

Big Bear Jeep Off Roading with Don Alexander Part 2

Day 2 of our Jeep 4×4 excursion. Day 1 was the easy stuff, day 2 is a whole other level of difficulty as Don Alexander and Desi Hauer of “” hit the infamous John Bull trail in Big Bear. Jay and Molly tackle the impossible as they climb the “Gatekeeper” with bouldesr the size of a tool shed!

Exclusive Trip to Jay Leno’s Garage Part 4

Part 4 of Jay Leno at his Garage. Jay tells great stories about the prior owners and history of some his favorite classics like his Hudson Hornet, and ’67 Chrysler Imperial to name a couple.