8/17/19 Impressions of the C8 with Corvette Mike

This week we talk about Kia’s upcoming truck, your thoughts on a plastic car, an entry level Porsche and more! The show then wraps up with special guest Mike Vietro, aka Corvette Mike, to talk about his thoughts on the new mid-engine C8 Corvette.

8/10/19 RECALL: Hyundai vs. the Center for Auto Safety

This week we cover topics such as Pismo’s dune buggy ban reversal, France declares solar roads are a failure, and more! We then have special guest Jason Levine, the Executive Director for the Center of Automotive Safety on to discuss Hyundai’s fire problems and recalls in general.

8/3/19 Thank You: Show #1000 with Peter Brock

20 years ago I was invited by Rick Titus to start a radio show in Bakersfield. We have always delivered Drivers Talk as America’s car show, in a format that both challenges and educates our magnificent audience. Now, on show #1000, I would just like to thank our listeners around the world and invite them on another fast and informative lap. -JD

7/27/19 The Highs and Lows of Fiat Chrysler

On this episode, the team talks about the over-saturated Crossover market, the bastardization of the Chevy Blazer, “Cars That Failed Because They Were Before There Time” featuring your responses and a deep look at the current state of FCA.

7/20/19 MINI Should Be Sold Consumer Direct By Internet

This week the team tackles Mitsubishi’s new EVO, Silverado fighting RAM in the truck market, Buick vs. Cadillac and finishes it off with a round table on the possibility of MINI selling direct.

7/13/19 Long Distance Motorcycle Touring

Rider Magazine’s own Mark Tuttle gives the best advice on how to get the most out of your Motorcycle Touring trip! The show covers other topics like a NASCAR/Indycar team up, Officiating ruining sports and more!

7/6/19 Jeeps on the John Bull Trail

This week the team covers the latest automotive topics including: a Subaru and Toyota team-up, Fiat dealing with the sales slump, A hot rod Nissan Leaf and our Big Bear rock climbing experience with the Jeep 4×4 school.

6/29/19 Stolen Victory: Ford’s Lemans Disqualification

Rick talks to Ford Racer Ben Keating about his disqualification in Lemans.

6/22/19 Can Mitsubishi Really Come Back?

This week the show starts off with the hottest industry news like the on again off again merger, Indy and NASCAR in the rain, Fisker Karma and more! Cam Benty then joins the show to talk about Mitsubishi’s latest offering, the Outlander Hybrid. Can it compete in today’s market?

6/15/19 Frame-less Pick Ups Are Coming

This week Road Test Editor Cam Benty joins the team in studio to cover the latest in automotive news, the Ford v. Ferrari trailer, Lotus’ new car introduction, your submissions for the ugliest car produced, Unibody pickups and more!

6/8/19 New Side Mirror Cameras

General Motors selling it’s Renaissance Center, tips for how to pick up the best electric vehicle, A Honda planet getting an EPA energy star headline the news segment! We then talk side view mirror cameras and what else might be coming down the line.

6/1/19 What Was Your First Car?

This week the team discusses some of the lastest automotive news including supercars, Nissan, a 90’s Corvette fire, aluminum costs and more! We then dive into the topic that we asked our audience on Tuesday: first cars.

5/25/19 Way Off Road: Overland Adventure Camping

This week Rick, Jay and Spencer cover various news topics including helium shortages, Mazda and Nissan sales, the state of Mitsubishi, a Tesla Trifecta +1 and much more! The second half of the show features Jay discussing how to get your offroad vehicle outfitted to handle anything the wild throws at you!

5/18/19 What NASCAR can learn from Indycar

This week the team takes on various news topics including 90 day car supplies, hot mid-size trucks, a Euro rally impound on the autobahn and more. The best racing going on right now is Indycar, so what can NASCAR learn from them to fill those empty seats?

5/11/19 Cars We Wish We Kept

This week Rick, Jay and Spencer discuss some of the latest news in the industry, as well as talk about the cars they wish they haven’t sold. We also read off some of our listeners cars that got away as well!

5/4/19 Required DNA of the 2020 Ford BRONCO

This week the team discusses the latest in automotive and racing news, along with a discussion about what the upcoming 2020 Ford Bronco needs to be a success with special guest Randy Richardson.

4/27/19 The World-wide Formula SAE Competition

This week on the Drivers Talk Podcast the team sits down with Automotive Veteran Dean Case to talk about breaking into the automotive industry plus the importance of SAE Baja and Formula competition in schools world-wide. Rick, Jay and Spencer also break down Roborace, spoilers vs. wings, the TRD Tundra and Tacoma models plus much, much more!

4/20/19 Legendary Endurance Racer, John Morton

As always the show begins by covering the latest in the industry! Topics include the spread of crossovers, Taurus’ marketing failure, and more! After that, the team interviews Racing Legend John Morton.

4/13/19 A Farewell Tour at Shelby American

This week the team sits down with Gary Patterson, President of Shelby American to discuss everything Shelby.

4/6/19 Under the Skin of the OVC Mustang

On this week’s episode, the team starts out with the latest news about Morgan’s new owner, Alonso getting ready for DAKAR, a motel for sale that has ties to NASCAR. After that, special guests Ted Sutton and Jim Murietta talk about the Shelby days, building the OVC Mustangs and much more!