2/22/20 Recycling Catalytic Converters for Fun and Profit

Your catalytic converter might be worth more than you think! How much? Listen to this week’s show and find out!

2/15/20 Michelin Tire Development Driver Mac Demere

This week the team shares all of the latest news, and follows up with special guest Michelin Test Driver Mac Demere!

2/8/20 Ford v. Ferrari: Liquidating the Star Cars

Along with the latest industry news, special guest Randy Richardson joins the team to discuss racing school, selling the cars of Ford v. Ferrari and more!


Like Frankenstein’s monster, GM digs Hummer out of the grave and electrifies it: will it be successful? The team also tackles the latest in industry news!

1/25/20 The Truth About Online Car Dealers

As always we open up with the latest automotive news, than dive into the emerging market that is online car dealers. (Such as Carvanna, Carmax, ect.)

1/18/20 Endurance Racer and Mazda Legend, Rick Knoop

We open up with why we didn’t get an EV Beetle, the Volt check engine problems and more! We then close with an interview of automotive racer extraordinaire Rick Knoop!

1/11/20 Collector Car Values with Phil Skinner

This week we talk some Ford V. Ferrari, Nissan’s continued problems, what the 2010’s will be remembered for automotively and more! We round out the show with renowned expert on collector cars Phil Skinner to talk about the upcoming auction season!

1/4/20 2020 Automotive Prediction Show

It’s that time! Join the team as we find out who got what right from last year, and what’s on the horizon for 2020!

12/28/19 2019 Automotive Report Card Day

The last show of the year starts off with the latest news including Motortrend’s new subscription, Mercedes hitting the pause button, your answers to what features you want in your car and more!
We end on report card day: which auto manufacturers earned an A and which ones earned an F!

12/21/19 Remembering Riverside Raceway with Brett Turnage

This week special guest Brett Turnage from Drive Line Magazine (https://driveline-mag.com) joins us as we continue our discussion about the Mustang Mach E, the Cybertruck, Alfa’s poor sales and more! We then end with Brett Turnage talking about his Riverside Revival project. #RIRrevival

12/15/19 Keeping The Land Speed Record in the Family

This week starts off with the latest in the auto industry: the possibility of a Ford Fusion Wagon, trade schools, the 2021 Nissan 400Z and more! Then we interview world land speed record holder Danny Thompson!

12/7/19 The Next Generation of Hot Rodders

This week Rick, Jay and Spencer talk about the latest in the industry including the Cybertruck, waiting in line for a charge and more! Rick then interviews Greg Parker, the Event Coordinator from Hot Rodders of Tomorrow! To check out more, go to http://www.hotroddersoftomorrow.com/

11/30/19 Mini Brings the Horsepower at the LA Auto Show

This week the show opens up with Rick and Spencer talking about what they saw at the LA Auto Show, including the winners and losers! The show ends with Jay interviewing Mini USA’s Head of Product Planning and Strategy: Patrick McKenna about their history and what’s coming down the line for Mini.

11/23/19 Who Really Displays The Vehicles At Auto Shows?

This week the team covers the latest news such as Mitsubishi’s PHEV for Green Car of the year, Ford specific charging stations and more! While we’re at the LA Auto Show we interview Steve Beck, the Senior Account Director for Czarnowski: The Exhibit and Event Marketing Company. Steve takes us behind the scenes of your favorite auto show to describe the challenges associated with designing and setting up an event booth.

11/16/19 Meet Joe Zolper from TV’s Garage Squad

On Drivers Talk this week we discuss the terrible state of roads in the US, the 2021 Mirai redesign, Harley starts producing their LiveWire and more! We then end with our interview with Joe Zolper from his TV Show “Garage Squad.” Show #1015

11/9/19 The Smart Alternative to Racing Simulators

We cover the latest in the automotive business including Hyundai Theta II’s being recalled, Johann de Nyson’s tough gig at VW, Hummer’s comeback and more! Rick then interviews Johan Schwartz about his race track cheat sheets.

11/2/19 Learn To Conquer the Mountain with Don Alexander

This week we have jeep4x4school.com’s Don Alexander to discuss our trip to Big Bear which is playing on our youtube channel!

10/26/19 Hemmings Auto Auctions: Now Snipe Free!

This week the team calls long distance to South Africa to speak with Keith Rivers as he reports on the Bloodhound LSR Team about going 1000 mph! Jay then calls up Mike Austin from Hemmings to discuss their new auction service!

10/19/19 Waiting for the Next El Camino

The El Camino has been in the news lately, so we’re taking on the possibility of a comeback! We also cover the uncertainty of the industry, McClaren building a super truck and more!

10/12/19 Kia’s Emergence and Ford’s Folly

On this episode we discuss Andretti’s Formula E opinion, the differences between manufacturing gas vs. electric, the rise of trade schools and more! Jay then breaks down the current SUV market and tells us why Kia is making waves.

10/5/19 Super Duty and Titan star at the Texas State Fair

This week we’re talkin’ flawless yacht delivery, no more freezing in Detroit for the NAIAS, autonomous shuttles and just as the title says: the trucks at the Texas State Fair.

9/28/19 Mustang Performance Journalist Evan Smith

On this week’s show we cover the evolution of car subscription services as well as talk to special guest Evan Smith to talk about the state of the Mustang and all things muscle car!

9/21/19 IMSA Prototype Champion Eric Curran

It’s a show about dealerships! This week the team discusses some shady dealership practices and then interviews Eric Curran who runs his own exotic dealership. Did we mention he’s an IMSA Champion and the current go-to driver for testing/sorting these Saleen S1’s?

9/14/19 The Man With 10,000 Cars

This week’s topics include BMW’s ugly grill, 4,000 lost cars, lane monitors and more! Special guest Michael Shanes calls in to talk about his car collection.

9/7/19 Which New Driver Assist Features Annoy You?

On show #1005 we discuss why you see police folks touch tail lights on a traffic stop, truck makers ignoring the RV market, no recall on the Theta II engine that causes fires and more! Rick heads off to Watkins Glen so Jay and Spencer take on the topics of driver assist and the announcement of the Fiat 500 ending production in the US.

8/31/19 Automotive Spy Photography Has Changed

Our topics this week include a Ranger lawsuit, Harley’s Livewire and more! We then cover how Automotive Spy Photography has evolved.

8/24/19 Market Headwinds facing the Electric Car 

On the show this week we cover various topics including a Nissan deep dive, Robert Cumberford shredding the C8, and the underwhelming color changes in new models. We then address your concerns about buying an electric car and what the current challenges are to make EV’s the next era.

8/17/19 Impressions of the C8 with Corvette Mike

This week we talk about Kia’s upcoming truck, your thoughts on a plastic car, an entry level Porsche and more! The show then wraps up with special guest Mike Vietro, aka Corvette Mike, to talk about his thoughts on the new mid-engine C8 Corvette.

8/10/19 RECALL: Hyundai vs. the Center for Auto Safety

This week we cover topics such as Pismo’s dune buggy ban reversal, France declares solar roads are a failure, and more! We then have special guest Jason Levine, the Executive Director for the Center of Automotive Safety on to discuss Hyundai’s fire problems and recalls in general.