Drivers Talk Radio Visits the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

By: Tracy Miller The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show  (CES) was a first for Team Drivers Talk. So, in the spirit of technology, we removed our driving suits and helmets and “put our geek on!” (Meant with all due respect, as geeks really do know a ton). Although helmets would not have been a bad idea with the […]

Of the Year Awards: Do They Mean Anything Anymore?

By: BJ Killeen When you watch the plethora of awards handed out by the film and television industry about this time every year, you have to wonder if they’re doing it just so everyone can win something, much like your kid’s T-ball league. The same goes for the awards handed out in the automotive industry. […]

General Motors

By: Rick Titus General Motors, anxious to shake the “Government Motors” moniker, is acting more like Big Government than Washington. Now that General Motors has bought back 200 million shares of stock at nearly half the price tax payers paid for them and they finally have a number of products in their line-up worthy of […]

Autonomous Cars

By: Rick Titus Hey, here’s a great idea: autonomous cars, cars that drive themselves. Is it really a good idea? As a fan of the automobile and the freedom of movement it represents, I’ll miss driving, but to millions of Americans, the idea of jumping into their vehicle, entering a destination and kicking back while […]

LA Auto Show

By: Tracy Miller Well folks, Media Days for the L.A. Auto Show 2012, have come and gone! It’s always good to walk the miles of floor space and strain your neck to see what might be hiding in a manufacturer’s display area, while catching up with fellow journalists and Brand Executives that you sometimes get […]

The Windshield as an Information Source

By: Rick Titus Line of sight. That’s the first thing we teach at auto racing school. The most important information you need to be a good driver is coming to you through the windshield. But unknown to most is where to look. The average driver develops the habit of dropping their sightline too low. If […]

Holiday Driving Tips

By: Rick Titus Tis’ the season to test your driving skills. Sadly, the next four months of driving will see more deaths and injuries than any of the other four-month period of the year. Weather, driver distraction and alcohol will prove the biggest factors. The habit we all take for granted will now require the […]

The Auto Collections

By: Tracy Miller Rick and I recently had the privilege of a personal tour of The Auto Collections, here in Las Vegas, thanks to curator Rob Williams. Some of you may have heard of this collection by a different name, The Imperial Palace Auto Collection. That name is now dated, and “The Auto Collections at the […]

New Beginnings

By: Rick Titus You wouldn’t expect that after thirteen seasons “on the air” and twenty-four International Broadcast Excellence Awards in the trophy case that the whole team would be so excited about the major changes underway to our show’s format and website — but we are. In so many ways, this feels like a new […]