Alan Taylor of “The Drive” Radio Show and Entrepreneur Magazine

Driver’s Talk – August 8, 2019   Guest: Alan Taylor of “The Drive” radio show and Entrepreneur Magazine When one of the top high-performance brands in automotive history announces it’s throwing a multi-million-dollar event to launch its brand in the world’s largest auto market you pay attention – a LOT of attention. To host a […]

2018 Auto Predictions

To kick off the year, Drivers Talk Radio hosts Rick Titus and Jay Dalton along with the team – Cam Bently, BJ Killeen and Micah Muzio each compiled a list of automotive predictions for the 2018 Auto Predictions show. Predictions range from competing car specifications to changes in the automotive industry as a whole. Below […]

Frameless Future

At a time when automotive manufacturers are using every method known to man to lower the static weight of their vehicles in the interests of improving gas mileage, it may strike some as odd that several new full-size and mid-size SUV and Crossovers are still being built on steel frames. With lighter alloys and stronger […]

Good News, Bad News

Good news: there are about thirty-three automotive reality shows for enthusiasts to watch. Bad news: most of them suck. Drivers Talk Radio will take on the bunch in a complete review of each show. Starting on June 24th we’ll separate the useless, from the shows of value and interest. We’ll also share some of the little dirty […]

18 Years and Counting

Drivers Talk Radio is now halfway into its 18th season and our listener/viewer numbers have reached the big time. Funny though, how with a bigger audience the pressure to continue to improve the show and to have content that will appeal to a broader scope of interests increases – a lot. Our review of industry […]

Accelerated Change: Payloads

Payload is all guesswork. Nobody has a scale in the building center parking lot, or in the rock quarry, or on their way to the city dump. Loading anything is guesswork…and the vehicle engineers know this. Our team has been testing vehicles for advertising content for the last 15 years. Over that time we have […]

Accelerated Change: Steve

The Land Rover is full of beer, food, music and a drone. Headed out of town, en route to a custom made compound in a private game reserve. But, our friend Keith has one more thing to show us in the West Rand. We have driven up and down this street three times and can’t find […]

Accelerated Change: Predictions

For at least 15 years we have begun our first show of the new year with our staff predictions. It is our time to show off how well we understand the American vehicle industry and explain what will happen in the automotive market. What makes this show unique is that everyone must first answer for LAST […]

Accelerated Change: Pinball

Tire smoke pouring in through the side windows. No one on the sidewalk can look away. Turning tires and the smell of rubber punctuates the evening. 440 Mopar thundering just to the right of my feet. We’re making a memorable getaway from the Hard Rock Café, London…in a pearl yellow custom car named Pinball Wizard. […]

Accelerated Change: Wince

Experts are…you know…supposed to know their stuff. So here I stand before a pile of experts assembled on stage at the new Automobility LA (formerly the L.A. Auto Show). Any questions? The microphone is hot and five guys on stage are about to squirm in their seats. But first, let me tell you what is […]