Drivers Talk is a broad-reaching program that discusses the automotive industry in an informative and entertaining fashion.  Every week for 20 seasons, Rick Titus and Jay Dalton have gathered to talk about the latest news and rumors behind the scenes of the automotive industry.


Originally formatted as a radio talk show, Drivers Talk has won over 20 prestigious International Automotive Media conference (IAMC) awards and has reviewed over 400 vehicles during this run.  

Now, Drivers Talk enters a new era in the digital world with an entirely new format and weekly video series. Join the team as they delve into the following:


  • Interviews with the industry’s top movers and shakers
  • Discussions of the most controversial automotive topics
  • Current reviews of vehicles and products
  • Partake in fun automotive events and contests


 Drivers Talk lets the truth be known, in an unfiltered, fun informative way. Be sure to catch each new, weekly episode.

Rick “Slick Rick” Titus

Rick Titus, Creator and host of Drivers Talk, grew up in the automotive industry. His father, Jerry Titus, was a talented mechanic, race car driver and writer. As a championship winning race driver, Rick’s dad exposed him to the professional end of motorsports and the hook sunk deeply. A chance to join the staff of his late father’s former magazine, Sports Car Graphic, Rick assumed the role of Tech Editor. He then progressed to Hot Rod, and Motor Trend magazines

Rick’s own racing career started to take off and he soon found himself driving stock cars, formula cars, and sedan cars. He spent four years as a teammate with Saleen Autosport and went on to win a professional championship with the teams lead-driver, Steve Saleen.

It was a Bakersfield Ford Dealer that give Rick his start in radio and now, some 21 years later Rick still continues in that career. As Rick likes to say: “I’ve been blessed. My career has never been dull. It’s permitted me to travel the world, race cars, write, and work for some of the best in the automotive business.

Little know fact; Rick is co-creator of the stupidly-fast, Festiva based Shogun with good friend and mentor Chuck Beck.

Jay “JD” Dalton

Co-host Jay Dalton has been a member of the Drivers Talk family since show #1, broadcast on January 15, 2000. Back then it was two hours
of live airtime on a small AM radio station in Bakersfield, CA.

Jay rebuilt a go kart at age 8, saw his first road race at 12, and from that moment forward knew his life would be in automotive. He was fortunate enough to witness the Ford victories at the 24 Hours of LeMans and attend more than 20 F1 Grand Prix during the golden era of Formula 1 racing.

After three decades of shipping parts and cars around the world, Jay began working both behind the scenes for auto manufacturers and in front of the microphones for Drivers Talk. Every week included a steady stream of the most interesting people in the auto industry — from headlining CEOs to controversial designers, and legendary racers.

Jay is a licensed proving-ground test driver and has created more than 60
advertising videos on numerous vehicles. He personally conducted dynamic vehicle testing, analysis, and tear downs while documenting, validating and scripting his findings… ready for Rick to present on camera. Fun fact: Jay has a dozen vintage surfboards. Colorful, fiberglass long boards from the 60’s.

Greg “GMan” Stacy
Executive Producer

Gregory Stacy is the Executive Producer/Director of “Drivers Talk.” Greg is a consummate auto enthusiast with over 20 years of producing automotive content.

He began as a cameraman and went on to become the producer/director of over 150 episodes of the weekly TV series Hot Rod Magazine on Speed Channel.

He was instrumental in launching the broadband network Torque.tv which eventually was re-branded and sold to Discovery Communications.

He has worked with many automobile OEMs and was recently the EP and creative force behind a series of Alfa Romeo commercials, and was the EP on the Super Bowl campaign that launched them back into the US market.

He loathes long, romantic walks on the beach and would rather clean his brake calipers with someone’s tooth brush (not his own).

Molly “Pop” Saleen
Molly’s Fast & Fabulous

Molly Saleen, host of Drivers Talk  “Molly’s Fast & Fabulous,” by default was born with gasoline in her veins.  She is the daughter of legendary race driver and automobile magnate Steve Saleen.

While most kids were at summer camp, Molly was walking pitlane at some of the most famous race circuits around the world. By the age of 15 she was already wheeling a race car at Bob Bondurant’s School of High Performance Driving. How many 16 year old’s take their driver’s license test behind the wheel of 510hp Saleen S351. Molly attended her dad’s alma mater, University of Southern CA, graduating with honors and went on to be in charge of the Saleen retail stores. She is now President of the Saleen Performance Parts division.

Molly is one of few female drivers to have raced NASCAR. When not honing her driving skills at the track, she is hard at work designing for her own clothing line. Be very wary if you see the pretty blonde in the “Hot Pearl Pink” Saleen at the stoplight, she will school you!


Spencer Krick

Spencer Krick is the Sound Engineer on “Drivers Talk”. He’s been destined to work in the car industry from birth, having a father who worked at Toyota for 35 years and an Uncle who restores old Chevy’s. From the parts department at Shelby American to car inspections and photography at the Auto Collections, Spencer has worn many hats in the industry. Now he’s in a position that lets him blend his off-beat sense of humor, car knowledge and tech savvy. Ask him about his one-off 4×4 Scion Xb.

Choco “Gunny” & Cinder Sue “Superstar”

Choco & Cinder Sue are Drivers Talk Sentry.  Choco is dog of action and prefers to live on the edge. Hailing from a long championship bloodline, he excelled at shutzhound training and yearned for some real world “field action.” A natural born athlete weighing in at 96lbs, he’s the epitome of teeth, attitude and muscle! He has yet to find an adversary that can provide ample challenge.

Cinder Sue aka “Superstar” earned this nickname because of her speed and athleticism. She’s a sweetheart on the outside, but don’t her looks fool you. She has a hair trigger temper, and willing to snap and snarl at anyone who crosses her path. Together Choco and Cinder could be considered the modern age “Dynamic Duo,”  minus the silly tights, and cool Batmobile.

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